SoNo Harbor

This is SoNo Harbor Deli & Café, a neighborhood eatery and gathering place located in the coastal community of South Norwalk. The doors open at 6AM with a hearty breakfast menu prepared by Chef/Owner Peter Telidis. The from-scratch menu continues through lunch with a variety of creative sandwiches, vibrant salads, and homemade baked goods. The aroma of a fresh pot of coffee and the sound of lively chatter fills the room of this charming neighborhood café.

Serving the Best Coffee

Enjoy this rich and aromatic coffee made from a blend of nine of the highest-order Arabica beans, selected and directly purchased by illy from farms spanning four continents. Because we all deserve a good cup of coffee.


Fresh, never frozen

We prepare each dish to order. All of our ingredients are fresh, delivered daily, and prepared in-house. From hand-trimmed chicken and meat and house made marinades and dressings, to daily soup creations, Mediterranean specialties, and our popular buttermilk pancakes prepared in a variety of ways. Call us old school – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

"Mouthwatering Goodness."

"The food here is amazing beyond belief. There sandwiches, pancakes, muffins, eggs, and coffee are the best..."

"I've been there several times and have always had nothing but good experiences. Home fries are great, hash and eggs are top notch..."